My photography work is mainly about expressing the world we all live in when we close our eyes and see to the inside. Dreams, fears, loved ones, angels, demons, hopes, flowers, faces, ethereal landscapes, and seascapes are all recurrent topics in my work that I believe are part of this “collage” we create in our own “private” internal world.

My camera and post-processing mechanisms are the tools I use to create these imperfect representations of the internal world I intensely live in.  Monochrome is one of my favorite ways to express my art, I believe this medium creates a parallel, alternative reality that is more suitable to closely reproduce people’s internal “realities”, however, I have been recently experimenting what I call "minimum color" which is the result of a combination of using limited palet colors and split toning techniques.  

My work has no political or religious motivations however I strongly condemn abuse against any human group or minority especially child abuse, ignoring hunger in the world, political corruption, especially in developing countries. So,  if my work in any way can help to eradicate any of these activities please let me know I’ll be honored to help.

Enrique Peláez


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